About The Hardest Part in Life

Not only in writing, but also in life, the opening is always being the hardest part. Starting new is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. But, when you succeed in stepping out of the box, you’ll grow & be stronger.

I am talking about ONE of the hardest part in life, about starting new one. It’s almost difficult to begin. Sometimes, we feel scared about the thing we have not known yet. It’s normal because everyone feel the same too.

All we need is to break it all and step forward no matter how hard it is.

For me as a wanderer, although exploring new thing and new place is so interesting, but in the other side honestly it’s uneasy. But, so far, I enjoy it, I enjoy every moment I passed. I thank for every experience I take. It makes me grow and better.

Now, I am confused about letting my son to go to preschool or not. He is excited, but I feel worried because of coronavirus. I want him to get opporttunity schooling here. But, in the condition like this, I will not be sure. Should he school from home or be the student of preschool where he will interact with others. It’s not about the interaction because we love it, it’s about the coronavirus that make us have to keep the distance.

May the coronavirus go away as soon as possible so everyone including kids can go outside, go to school, or just play with others. Aamiin.


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