How to Love Your Self

A few days ago, my friend asked me how to love ourselves. Ehm…. I believe that everyone has their own way to make them feel meaningful.

I often hear that before loving another we have to love ours. But in fact, we find difficulties to love ourselves unconditionally. We often hate ourselves.

Then, how to love ourselves?

1. Don’t compare ourlife. It’s easy to be written, but it’s difficult to be done sometimes. LOL.

2. Don’t be perfectionist. It will kill us. It doesn’t matter if sometimes we so mistakes. Everyone does. Don’t push our selves to be an idealist or too good to be true. It’s impossible. Everyone has their own scar.

3. Do exercise. It works.

4. Don’t be on social media like FB, Twitter, IG, or others which make our enery drain. Don’t waste the time.

5. Enjoy the process.

6. Don’t judge ourselves easily just because we can’t do some thing. We’re not a superhuman.

7. Be an independent person. We do not need others’ approval to be happy. No matter how they said, we have to be ourselves.

8. It doesn’t matter if sometimes we cry a lot just because a simple thing, but make sure that we have the solutions after all. We have to move on and move forward.

9. Don’t love and hate too much. It makes us disappointed.

10. Don’t seek an attention. Just do our best.

Maybe, you have other tips?


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