The Activities We Can Do during Staying at Home All Day Long

For many people, just staying at home is so boring. I have same opinion too. LOL. Although my job as a remote worker can be done at home, but it doesn’t mean I have to stay at home all day. Wow, please, don’t be too naive. LOL. I like going out to refresh my mind and mood. I love traveling too. I mean I do outing activities like normal people. Hahah.

But, in the situation like this, we can’t go wherever and whenever we want freely. In my city I’ve been living, the governor is so kind. He just requests the resident to stay at home at weekend. Yes, just Saturday and Sunday. In weekdays, he permits us to go out until 5 pm. I am so thankful.

Honestly, there are so many activities we can do as long as staying at home. They are:

1. Cooking, trying a new recipe

2. Cleaning room or house

3. Reading

4. Playing with kid

5. Watching film

6. Learning something/useful thing

7. Blogging or writing

8. Talking many topics with our spouse or family member

9. Doing sport that can be done at home

10. Etc

Woww…. See? So many. Do you have any idea?


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