The Reasons Why People Choose Working from Home

Before, on my previous post, I’ve written about the challenges of working from home and now I want to continue with the topic about why we choose to work from home, at least… me. 🙂

Honestly, I love working, I mean… I love earning money and doing useful thing. I don’t care wherever I work, as long as I enjoy it, I’ll be happy.

Then, why I choose working from home? Yeah…. The situation was so complicated and I can’t explain it more. But, in fact, I found that not only me who did like this, but also many.

And based on my observation during becoming remote worker, I can write down that they choose working from home because of these reasons:

1. More flexible

2. Feel more productive when working alone, not in a team

3. Hate office politic or dramas

4. Wanna be with family while working

5. An introvert

Basically, everyone has their own reasons for same choice. How about you?


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