This post I took from my previous blog on bundataka.wordpress.com that I forgot the password… huehehe.

Happiness is not only looking happy face with smiley, but also when the inner has the same condition with the outer.

Being a mom of very young child (1-3) is not easy. Sometimes it can make us loss the sanity. Especially if we don’t have experience/we are a new mom

There is a time where you feel exhausted or just hate yourself or your spouse.

It doesn’t mean you don’t love your child

As a new mom, sometimes, we still feel confused, stress, exhausted, and all another uncomfortable feelings. Don’t blame ourself because it’s so normal. We are still in adaptation process.

Being a mom is never easy, especially a new mom. But, we all believe that every expert was an amateur. So is a mom. We also believe that happy mommy makes kids happy too.

So, how to be a happy mommy? There are 7 ways we have to do.

1. Don’t push your self in high expectation

You are not a wonder woman

Don’t be perfect, be a normal

2. Don’t forget to care yourself to keep your sanity

3. Surround with positive people

4. Have a target

5. Be thankful

6. Remember that childhood never come back

7. Enjoy, motherhood is a process not competition

How about your opinion about being happy mom? Share with us, please


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