About Love and Hate Relationship

I watched this film a long time ago before I became a mother. The genre was a family drama. RDJ’s character (I forgot what his name here) is still the same as in the previous film, although he was in different genre: being a sarcastic person, but intelligent.

I saw this film from the point of view of the father and son’s relationship which was rigid, cold, and distant.
They love each other, but hate.
Both admire each other, but are reluctant to admit. Love and affection make confused sometimes. These are hard to say and express. In fact, there are those who deliberately show the opposite. They choose to be hated by someone who they love. Dunno why. It is also absurd.

And the another fact, sometimes the complicated relationship of parents and children is because of very simple thing.

Like in this film, for example. RDJ, who has become a very successful lawyer, still has a desire to be recognized by his father. Everyone knows RDJ is a respected lawyer, feared, and at the same time admired. But, all still doesn’t make him satisfied because his father seems looking down to him.

Honestly, his father was very proud of him. But, he couldn’t express.

I learned from this film that a child is still a child so even they are already to be a “person”.


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